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Chad and Amber Jones are the owners of Mountain Standard Company, a group of local Jewelers and Watch Repairmen who aim to bring you hometown service at the best quality possible. If you’ve been in our shop in the last 8 years, you have likely seen Chad before, or as many of you know him, Sunshine. He used to be the one up front taking in every item. We’ve heard feedback that you miss the days he was at the counter, but rest assured he is still the one caring for your items and still working his magic restoring what comes into our shop broken.

We truly value the opportunity to restore and repair your cherished items. Everyday we see items like a Grandmother's ring, Grandfather's pocket watch or the first or the last ring your spouse gave you before they passed. You cherish them and we consider it an honor to partner with you in getting your item back to a secure, beautiful or working condition.

We offer an array of services, but a few umbrellas would be Watch Repair, Jewelry Repair and Custom Design. If you need a new battery or band, come in and we’ll take care of you on the spot. If it’s been enough years (roughly 5-7) and your watch needs a complete service, have us assess your watch’s condition. If you are wanting to remount a ring, build a new wedding set or need a simple chain repair, bring in your jewelry and we’ll get you taken care of.

Though the name Mountain Standard Company is new and you might have known us as Golden Images or Precision Time before, we are some of the same folks still in the same place that has been serving the watch and jewelry needs of Fort Collins for almost 30 years. When you come in, know that you belong in our store and we can't wait to take care of you. Even if we can't address your specific issue, we will try to recommend someone else who can. Fort Collins is our home and we hope to take care of your watch and jewelry needs for years to come.

Come see us in the basement of 151 South College Ave, in Suite G. We look forward to meeting you. 

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Send us a message here, we'll be happy to get back in touch with you. You can also book a consultation for custom design to learn more about what we can do for you!

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